Find a set of rings that pair together as well as you and your love. If your priority is matching and convenience, a bridal set is the best option for you! By purchasing a set, you can take joy in knowing your engagement ring and wedding band  were made for each other.  

What is a bridal set?  

A bridal set includes an engagement ring and the matching wedding band or bands for the bride. The groom’s wedding band isn’t a part of a bridal set but can easily be purchased separately. 

Why choose a set? 

First and foremost, it takes the guesswork out of decision-making! With a bridal set, having to match metal colors, stone sizes and band shape on your own are no longer concerns. Many of our collections, including Neil Lane Bridal®, offer sets that were made to be perfect pairs. Some engagement rings have a distinctive shape that can be difficult to match with a wedding band. Along with this, you want to make sure that the stones on each band are a similar size to showcase a balanced look. 

If you don’t like the wedding band that comes with your partner’s engagement ring, or you want to experience the joy of picking out a wedding band together, there are many ways to find the right rings for you. 

Custom Bands 

Creating a custom wedding band is another fantastic option if you decide a personal design speaks to you. Creating a custom design provides the options to create your very own jewelry just the way you and your partner desire. Book an appointment with a KAY consultant for more details. You can also play with different options online in the KAY Ring Customizer until you’ve found the perfect combination. 

Mix it Up 

Let’s say your partner has a rose gold engagement ring and wants to complement it with a white gold wedding band. This can be done! The engagement ring you pick doesn’t always have to match the wedding band. Actually, mixed metals are seeing a big upward trend and can look extremely chic. 

Multiple Bands 

Sometimes two is better than one! This trendy and unique stacked style of multiple bands is a way to easily achieve a captivating look. You can choose two wedding bands or find an enhancer ring that adds more sparkle to the engagement ring.  

Comment below with which rings spoke to you, and come back to The Union to show off when you’ve found the one.