From your favorite color to your go-to coffee order, your future spouse knows you better than anyone. Planning a surprise for someone who knows you so well can be a challenge in and of itself. So where do you hide something as important as an engagement ring, when you want to maintain the element of surprise? Here are a few suggestions for keeping your proposal plan under wraps, so you can orchestrate the perfect moment.  

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First and foremost, never take the ring out of its box. While it may be harder to hide a clunky velvet box than it is to hide a loose ring, removing the ring increases the chances of damage or loss. You do not want the lead-up to one of the happiest moments of your life to be filled with panic. So, if you need to hide the ring on your person, choose a flat and slim ring box that’s easy to slip into a pocket or purse.  


Whether you’ve discussed marriage at length or only touched on the topic, your significant other may suspect that you’re ready to put a ring on it — even if they don’t let on. Innocent sleuthing, such as peeking in dresser drawers or digging through jacket pockets, isn’t unheard of. Get creative and choose a hiding spot that’s both secure (no burying it in the yard or tucking it inside a return air vent) and secluded. A false bottomed drawer, gym bag or out-of-season garment are typically safe options.  


Sometimes it’s simply not realistic to hide a ring from your partner, especially if you live under the same roof. In this case, it may be wise to hand off the ring to a reliable and responsible family member or friend. Just make sure they can be trusted to not only protect the ring, but also to remain tight-lipped. Alternatively, you can keep the ring in a safe spot at work or rent a safety deposit box.  


Velvet ring boxes are pretty recognizable, which is why you have to be clever about finding the perfect place to stash yours. But there are ways to successfully hide a ring box without picking a spot so obscure you’ll need a treasure map to find it later. Slide it inside a pair of socks in your drawer or tuck it inside a larger box at the top of your closet. If you want to get creative, cut out a square in the middle of a book no one’s picked up for a while and put it back on the shelf, or slip it into your travel bag for a trip. Make the ring look like something commonplace, so your partner has no reason to investigate.   

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Remember, while the act of surprising your significant other can add a special touch to the proposal, the most important thing is expressing your love in a way they’ll remember for a lifetime. Have an idea for a covert and creative way to hide the ring? Share in the comments and come back to The Union to tell us how you disguised the surprise!