Every Ring Tells a Story:

I’m often asked about the inspiration behind the engagement rings that I design. Over the years, I’ve had many wonderful opportunities to create stunning pieces for countless couples who have entrusted me with their love. Whether I’m making a custom piece, reconfiguring a vintage heirloom or designing new styles for my Kay collection I always consider the special factors that shapes a couple’s life: their unique bond, individual values, personal style and more. Proposals are incredibly exciting and special for couples and their families, and behind every ring there is a beautiful love story.

In my years of experience designing rings for many different clients, I have realized two important things: the setting must be perfectly suited to stone and for the individual wearing it. When a couple asks for a ring that feels more of-the-moment, I typically recommend a glamorous oval or pear-shaped stone. These multifaceted cuts, along with rings that have halos, are attention-grabbing and are sure to spark conversation. Other unique rings, such as those featuring morganite or aquamarine stones, have also become increasingly stylish as they represent the unconventional and celebrate individuality.

My number one inspiration when designing a ring is the couple themselves. I first and foremost listen to the couple and observe them together, and then I bring my aesthetic to tie it all together and create the perfect ring. One of the most memorable rings that I designed for a Hollywood couple was a marquise diamond, set sideways and wrapping it with pink diamonds – beautiful and one-of-a-kind.

Every couple embarks on a unique journey when they set out to find an engagement ring. What remains constant, however, is the humanity of love. The love two people have for one another lifts my heart and continues to inspire me to design magical rings.