Whether you’re newly engaged or anticipating the big moment, chances are you’ve thought of how you’ll tell family and friends. While news this big is best shared in person, a social media reveal is practically a modern-day rite of passage. Getting the perfect ’gram shot of your sparkly new addition isn’t as easy as it sounds. But by following a few simple rules, even the least technically inclined can get the perfect snap to share!  

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We know you can’t wait to post about your proposal, but you’ll thank yourself later for doing a little prep work before you snap your ring selfie for all the world to see. If your nails could use a little TLC, treat yourself to a fresh manicure. Decide on a backdrop for your photo. Think Insta-worthy backgrounds like your city skyline, a cute coffee cup or even a patterned bedspread or pillow. Search social media for inspiration and don’t be afraid to get creative! 


Practice really does make perfect! Once you’ve decided on a background, get your lighting just right and experiment with different angles and crops. Natural light is always flattering. If you’re outside, it’s best to take your photos during the “golden hour” right before sunset or right after sunrise, when the sun is lower in the sky. If you’re photo session is taking place indoors, try capturing your photo near a window that gets natural sunlight. It’s best to avoid dimly lit rooms and fluorescent or yellow bulbs, which can lead to blurry photos and harsh shadows that detract from the beauty of your ring.   


Once you’re happy with your backdrop and lighting scheme, take some practice shots, paying close attention to your hands. While some are naturally photogenic, others tense up the minute a camera is nearby. Take a deep breath and relax your ringers. Adding a prop can be helpful, such as that coffee cup we mentioned or even your new fiancé’s arm. Consider holding hands with your fiancé or even doing a fist pump. Whatever you do, watch out for shots that highlight every pore on your hand. Usually, a slight tilt of the camera is all you need.   

You know your ring better than anyone and you know which features you want to show off. So, experiment with different angles until you find one that captures the qualities of your ring that you love the most. Love the unique shape of your stone? Try an overhead shot. Can’t get over the detail of your setting? Shoot from the side. You get the idea!  

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Let the photoshoot commence. Assume the position and then click away, giving yourself plenty of options to choose from. Photos taken on a cellphone won’t be professional quality, but with a few tricks they can get close. Resist the urge to zoom in too closely and keep your hand steady for crisp, clear photos. If you’re using an iPhone, frame your shot and tap the screen to focus the lens. To ensure all eyes go straight to your beautiful engagement ring, try portrait mode. Tap your ring on the screen to ensure it stays in focus and your camera will slightly blur the area around it, replicating the effect of a professional portrait.  


Time to unleash your inner photo editor. Go through your photos and star your favorites. Narrow down your selections until you’re left with two or three that you absolutely love. Hopefully, the photos are perfect as is! But if you’d like to do a bit of tweaking, consider a photo editing app that allows you to experiment with cropping, contrast, sharpness and more. If all else fails, you can always use a filter.  


Ready to share your photos and watch the likes roll in? Write a thoughtful caption, expressing your excitement and sharing something about your unique proposal story. Get creative with emojis, and whatever you do, don’t forget to tag your partner! It’s their big moment, too. Bonus points for posting a photo from the proposal or a throwback from when you and your partner first met.  

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